Sauerbraten in the Crock Pot

When you were a child did your parents ever torture you with some horrible meal that they thought was so great and you absolutely hated?  Well one of those meals for me was Sauerbraten.  My step-father loved it, so we had it, if not often, too often for me.  It would take all day to…

Pork Paprikash

This is a Wednesday entry entree. Get it? I made a funny. Entry – Entree. Anyway, I’ve been trying to eat the suggestions of the Sunday Strategist

Braised Pork Shoulder

I usually cook the pork shoulder whole, but this time I decided to try something different.  Ferdinand and I were shopping and he spotted pork shoulder for $1.29/lb.  That’s a pretty good price and I am trying to encourage him to eat – anything.  I like to make a marinade paste and stuff it into…

Chicken with Escarole

I think, if I am not mistaken, that escarole is one of those bitter lettuces. For me, I prefer greens cooked if they are bitter, so I have a chance to make them taste better! Except for arugula and watercress that is. Those I love raw in salads.

Cabbage Rolls

Whenever Ferdinand asks for a specific meal, it is invariably comfort food. Not that I have anything against comfort food, but it is not my favorite. I guess you could say I get no comfort from comfort food! What a paradox. Don’t tell anyone, but, I really don’t know how to cook. I can read…