Zuppa di Mare (Seafood Soup)

I make this soup all the time.  It has all of my husband’s favorite things in it and, as an added extra bonus, it is not very “fishy” tasting.

Butterflied Roast Turkey with Winter Panzanella

This is a quicker method to cook a turkey.  It is also great with chicken.  You get all the benefits of roasting a stuffed bird, but without the hassle of having to stuff it and then dig it out!

Italian Three Bean Salad

This is a very simple, old-fashioned recipe that I remember eating as a child.  I didn’t eat much as a child, but I did like this.  I don’t think anyone even told me it was technically Italian food.  We didn’t label food like that 50 years ago.  We just ate whatever was put before us,…

Baked Gnocchi with Chicken

About This Recipe For this recipe you will need a skillet and a casserole. If you have an oven-safe skillet with deep sides, even better. Most skillets are only safe to 350 degree or 400; this recipe is baked at 425. A Dutch oven would work well too. I have saved a step and used…

Broccoli and Shrimp Scampi

This is a Thursday entry from Cooking Light’s Sunday Strategist. So far I have actually lost ten pounds. I know. I don’t believe it either. Hopefully it had nothing to do with being sick since Monday. You may have noticed I have not posted any recipes since last week. You did miss me,  right?

Lemon Garlic Roasted Cauliflower

This sounds like a complicated recipe,  but it’s just a simple, yet flavorful way to prepare roasted cauliflower. From Organic Gardening.

Frittata with Kale, Red Peppers, and Goat Cheese

I like to have a frittata for breakfast, which is always brunch for me since I work evenings, so morning don’t often happen for me.  A frittata is also suitable for dinner.  Just make a nice tossed salad to go alongside.  This particular frittata is really simple to make.

Rigatoni with Porcini and Tomatoes

Rigatoni is a big, fat, hollow pasta a bit larger than ziti.  If you prefer, you could use ziti, penne, bow-ties, or whatever.  The mushrooms in this sauce give the dish a hearty, meaty flavor, but there is not meat in it!  Perfect for tricking my husband into not eating meat, but not depriving him…