New England Style Baked Cod

My husband and I are this close to reaching and understanding, at least about our dinners, ha!  He used to want me to make all these complicated dinners that he saw on tv years ago or that his grandma used to make. 

Simple Fish Tacos

I love Mark Bittman’s “minimalistic” view to food and recipes. I saw a slide-show in Mens Health magazine for gourmet sandwiches for guys. I may not be a guy, but I suppose I am not averse to eating like one.

Cod with Creamy Pea Puree

I live on Long Island so you’d think it would be easy to obtain fresh seafood. Not so!  At least I haven’t been able to locate the mythical fresh seafood store yet. Last time I bought cod it seemed okay, but by the time I re-heated it at work – wee lets just say –…

Meen Molee

This dish is popular throughout India.  It may have it’s origins in Portuguese cuisine.  This is just one more way to serve fish that does not taste “fishy.”