Salmon Dip

This is a dip to be eaten with crackers or toasted bread.  It is made with smoked salmon.  It is meant to be made with heat-smoked salmon, but if you can only fine cold-smoked that is fine too.  

Salmon with Hazelnut and Juniper Berry Sauce

I have a fascination with juniper berries.  Years ago, I wanted to brine a turkey using a recipe from Dave Lieberman, but could not find juniper berries.  I searched high and low.  Every time I went to a different grocery store, I would look for them.  One day, my search yielded the little jewels.  I…

Roasted Salmon with Mustard-Herb Sauce

  Salmon is a very healthy fish so it should be eaten often.  I know a lot of people say they do not like salmon because it is too “fishy.”  I find that odd because that is exactly why I do like it, because it is not “fishy.”  Perhaps they are not getting it fresh? …

My Faith in Salmon Has Been Restored

If you are reading this, you have probably guessed my secret.  I do not know what I am doing in the kitchen.  That is not to say that I cannot produce some really great food (which is contained on these pages; I did not publish the boo-boos), but I lack a culinary focus.  It is…

Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon is great because it cooks so fast and is very easy and forgiving.  It comes out equally well on an outdoor grill as well as an indoor grill pan.  Barring either, just an ordinary skillet will work well too.

Smoked Salmon with Yogurt and Capers

I’ve been teasing the mister all week with this dish. Today I finally broke down and made it for him. This is simple to make and would be good for breakfast, brunch, or a light lunch or snack.

Salmon with Cilantro Pesto

I love salmon because it is so easy to prepare, is healthy, and is not “fishy” tasting.  This salmon is pan fried, then topped with a pesto made with the fresh flavors of Latin America.  Did you know that you can use the small stems between the leaves?  It’s true.  They have great flavor, just…

Pan Seared Salmon

This is my absolute favorite, bar none, way to prepare salmon fillet.  I prefer the freshness of a home made pesto, but I bet just adding fresh lemon juice to a store-bought one will liven it up tremendously.