Six Variations for Thanksgiving Turkey

I’ve made turkey dinner every which way, except deep-fried, throughout the years.  It is sort of fun for me to try new methods.  My mother and sister think I am crazy because for them there is only one way to cook a turkey.  I’ve cooked it in a paper sack, with wine, breast-side down, you…

Classic Turkey Pan Gravy with Variations

Everyone needs turkey gravy for Thanksgiving.  This is a recipe for classic turkey gravy (works for chicken, beef, pork, etc. too) along with some variations if you like to jazz up your meal now and then. 

Norfolk Turkey Breast

This recipe comes from the British Food Trust.  They are endeavoring to preserve traditional British recipes.  It is funny that they include turkey, since that comes from the “New World,” but whatever.  This is great if you don’t want to cook a whole turkey.

Roast Turkey with Pepperoni

This turkey is seasoned with savory pepperoni and preserved lemon and then the cavity is filled with aromatic herbs. This particular recipe comes from Food and Wine magazine.

Butterflied Roast Turkey with Winter Panzanella

This is a quicker method to cook a turkey.  It is also great with chicken.  You get all the benefits of roasting a stuffed bird, but without the hassle of having to stuff it and then dig it out!

Tarragon Turkey Salad

Another use for leftovers from Turkey Day!  This would also be good with cooked chicken or tuna fish.

Hominy Turkey Chili

You can make this as hot and spicy as you like.  Using a can of Rotel tomatoes will make the chili hotter, otherwise it is not really hot.

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

This is one way to use up some turkey leftovers.  This recipe calls for ground turkey, but you could just as easily substitute chopped, cooked turkey!

Herb Brined Creole Turkey

This recipe is from “Coastal Living” magazine. The herb here is dried thyme. This is a really easy recipe to make. Just brine the turkey in your refrigerator, then loosen the turkey’s skin, season with creole seasoning, and roast!  I’ve included Emeril Lagasse’s recipe, that his original “essence” is based on, if you don’t have…

Alsatian-Brined Turkey with Riesling Gravy

The cuisine of Alsace is known for its use of wine and beer.  The region also has strong Germanic influences. This recipe comes from Food and Wine magazine.  I first made this recipe many years ago.  Unfortunately I bought far more wine than was needed for the recipe, so a little wine for the turkey;…